About #1 and #2

Your Opportunity in November

More jobs, lower tax rates in Louisiana

Constitutional Amendment # 1 – Streamline Sales Tax Collection

  • Louisiana ranks 49th in how we collect sales taxes, because our system is so complex.
  • Retailers have to remit taxes to as many as 54 local collectors, most states have just one.
  • This puts our home grown businesses at a disadvantage, costing time, jobs and opportunity.
  • Amendment #1 creates a streamlined sales tax commission to finally put our local job-creators on equal footing with their out of state competitors.

Constitutional Amendment # 2 – Simplify Our Tax Code

  • Louisiana ranks #42 in business tax climate, making us unattractive to new business and the jobs they bring.
  • It’s because of our tangled tax code, which makes doing business here more difficult.
  • Amendment #2 simplifies that tax code, lowering our income tax rate to the lowest in the Southeast. 
  • If passed, this means more jobs and economic opportunity for Louisiana families.

In an analysis of the plan, the Washington DC-based Tax Foundation predicted that these tax reform measures will finally move Louisiana out of the bottom ten states in business tax climate rankings. In terms of how individuals will be affected, the Tax Foundation created the following chart:

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